The Lochy Clan is a collection of 1,111 unique one of one NFT on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each Lochy is a piece of digital art. It also is a Clan for like-minded individuals to hang out and join in members only events and benefits. It will be the strongest utility NFT.
Get Ready and explore with Lochy !!!
Dive into Lochy’s home into the highlands and through this Journey with Lochy , clan members will be able to experiences everything Lochy Loves ! Lochy will takes us from the real word to the metaverse and everything in between, from golf courses to fashion shows. Get ready for the Exploration.
There will ever be only 1,111 Lochy’s in the world !
Each one Is very fashionable however some are more fly than others.
When you acquire a Lochy ! and join the Clan is not just a simply collecting a one of one piece of art. You are gaining membership access to a very exclusive Clan full of special offering and benefits. Your Lochy is your digital key and identity to this exploration.
Join the banter!